Fox News Bans Anti-Clinton Ad

A disappointing email about Fox News, from Move America Forward:


Fox News Channel has decided to ban our new pro-troop ad “Defending Freedom” which counters former President Clinton’s recent comments that undermined the war against terrorism.

Why Fox would refuse to allow their viewers to hear this message is something we do not understand. Now is the time for all of you reading this to stand hand-in-hand with Move America Forward and work to get this ad seen in spite of those who seem intent on making sure it is NOT seen.

At the bottom of this email you will find the news stories, which reveal very disappointing conduct by Fox News Channel including false statements they have made to the media. What we want to do now is step up our ad buy on CNN and Headline News and next move next onto the broadcast network affiliates – ABC, CBS, NBC, etc…

Move America Forward asks every supporter who believes in the message of this ad to help us raise the money to get this message told. Can you please make a contribution to our TV Ad Fund of $100?

If you can afford more – then please help us. If you can only afford a smaller amount, we would be grateful for that support.


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