The Four Entities of Palestina-Eretz Yisrael

Submitted by reader Karl Huttenbauer, Berlin:

The Palestinian National Covenant was first promulgated in 1964 (when the West Bank was under Hashemite rule) wherein Article 2 “defines Palestine as an indivisible territorial unit within the boundaries it had during the British Mandate 1920 including Trans-Jordan” ( East Bank). In plain words – Jordan is Palestine (first entity)!

Since the removal of Jews from the Gaza Strip this purely Arab [Hamas] (second entity) could be transformed into a seperate, thriving City State (of Singapore or Hong Kong type – an idea bad-mouthed by Khaled Mashal on ‘Al-Jazeera’.

On the West Bank (located between the River Jordan and the Mediterranean Sea) exists an established (fourth entity) recognized by all civilized nations as the State of Israel, which includes amongst its citizenry “1.3 million Arabs” who (compared to many sectors of the Jewish population) enjoy a higher standard of living – the envy of Arab kinsmen throughout ‘the Region’.

Adjoining it is an autonomous (third Arab entity) the Palestinian Authority witha Legislative Council dominated by Islamists whose program (just like that ofthe PLO Charter) wants ‘Jews Raus’.


The Territory of the British Mandate supports Four Entities for Two Peoples:

Three of which have absolute Arab majority and no Jews. The fourth entity(Israel) has a Jewish (Hebrew) majority with a very large Arab minority harboring elements of irredenta.

Thus the Quartet Mantra of Two States for Two Peoples is a Chimera.

Ethnic cleansing is indeed progressing in Dar al Islam but certainly not of Arabs.

Readers are invited to organise petitions condemning the ongoing slaughter of innocent Jews in the Land of Israel.

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