The Ford Foundation loves palestinians

Three years after the Ford Foundation’s grants to anti-Israel groups prompted a furor in Congress, the $10 billion philanthropy is at it again.

The NGO Monitor issued a report targeting 11 Ford Foundation grants since the foundation adopted new standards against promoting violence, terrorism, or bigotry.

Significant contributions were made to the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, International Committee of Jurists, Miftah, Al-Haq, and Al-Mezan, whose “activities are primarily political, and they exploit human rights rhetoric to delegitimize Israel.”

Many of these organizations were active at the 2001 Durban Conference on human rights, which turned into an assault on Israel. “The cumulative effect of continued association with supporters of the academic boycott of Israel and the one-state solution is a serious challenge to the Ford Foundation’s credibility,” the report concluded.

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** Update: The Ford Foundation is a charitable foundation founded in 1936 by Henry Ford, the anti-Semite who created the Ford Motor Company. It no longer has any connection to the automaker.

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