Forbidding public display of crosses

This is what I call an “Islamic thank-you”. From the Washington Times:

The president of the Iraqi Red Crescent has urged the International Committee of the Red Cross to stop sending aid marked with red crosses. Two truck drivers and two volunteers were delivering water and medicine to the city of Haditha four weeks ago when they were captured by “insurgents”. They were seized by a terrorist group who threatened to behead them because they thought the crosses on the water and food containers meant the men were Christian missionaries,”

I say, to hell with the residents of Haditha. Let them starve, just like Saddam Hussein did when he forcefully intercepted the food dropoffs delivered via American airships.

Folks, the Arab Muslim world was stunned to see coalition forces enter Baghdad and Iraqis tear down statues of Saddam Hussein, remember? Muslims around the world dubbed these reports as American lies and propaganda. Muslim contempt for the truth illustrated the sad state in which the Arab world finds itself. Unless they committ to seriously reforming, their hatred of anything non-Muslim and their fear of freedom will continue to place them as the most unevolved culture – ever.

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