For those who ( irrationally ) “love” Oprah

Folks, here’s some Muslim terrorist coddling from Oprah Winfrey. My response follows. From Steven Plaut:

You know things are really getting out of hand when TV hostess Oprah Winfrey decides to go jihad.

Yes, Oprah, the waddling guru of the bored middle-class at-home housewives, has repeatedly taken time off from teaching her followers about closet organization and thigh reduction, in order to promote the Palestinian cause. She has run one-sided articles about the Middle East conflict on her show and and in her O Magazine.

Whenever the subject of terrorism is broached on her show, Oprah studiously avoids allowing anyone to link it to Palestinians or the Hizbollah. She interviewed mothers of suicide bombers who were distraught because their houses were bulldozed. There was no mention of Israeli babies and their mothers being blown up in buses, pizza parlours blown to smithereens, nor Jewish teens murdered while at the disco inTel Aviv. Not even the Jews murdered when two guests of the International Solidarity Movement blew up Mike’s Place in Tel Aviv. Debbie Schlussel has dubbed her the affable Joseph Goebbels of daytime talk TV. Columnist Naomi Ragen demolished Oprah for her politicized bias. The Anti-Defamation League has denounced her for bias, noting that ‘Palestinian girls will be rescued when their leaders say “No” to the incitement, hate and violence that has permeated their political and cultural landscape for years now.’

In the June issue, a feature article tries to arouse sympathy for a an 18-year-old Palestinian terrorist, Yusra Abdu, who was tried, convicted and is currently serving time in an Israeli jail for conspiring to perform a suicide bombing. The article tries to make the Palestinian wannabe mass-murderer appear humane and likeable.

The propaganda article is written by one David France. He quotes enemies of Israel, leftists, and unidentified human rights activists, spouting false statistics. In the piece he asks, ‘What would make a girl take such a radical and grisly step?’ France “answers” himself when he quotes a moonbatish university professor, who asserts that: “religion is not the cause [of Palestinian suicide terror]… these are people who define their situation as hopeless. They feel that they have no way to respond against what they see as Israeli military aggression.”

Frnace forgot to add a detail to the story. The real reason the Oprah heroine set out to commit mass murder was that she was worried about getting punished for participating in a date! Because a date would have compromised Yusra honor and she might have found herself getting her throat slit by her brother or father. Is it any wonder that, as France himself writes, she confessed to Israeli security police that the real reason she wanted to blow herself up was “boredom?”

Now in fact, the reason 18 year old Palestinians try to commit mass murder is because they are driven by a genocidal neonazi Islamofascist ideology instilled in them over decades by the PLO and its affiliates, all with the blessing and cheerleading of the Western Left. Hard as it is for an Oprah fan to understand, Palestinians want to mass murder Jews because they hate Jews and want to annihilate Jews. Not because they are “occupied.” (They were mass murdering Jews long before any land was “occupied” by Israel in 1967.) And no one with an atlas can seriously suggest that Arabs murder Jews because Jews have too much land and Arabs not enough.

Why would Oprah, who is not exactly hard up for cash, sell out and allow her magazine to be hijacked on behalf of Palestinian violence?

Maybe Doctor Phil can tell us?

Folks, when I heard about Oprah’s folly, I sent the following letter to her:

The lastest MEMRI dispatch gives an insight into the loathsome propaganda that ensures millions of Muslims will grow up with distorted and hateful impressions of Jews before they ever meet one.

Read the whole thing, Oprah, and then ask yourself why kids from the racist Arab world grow up with the hope of sacrificing their bodies in order to knock on the gates of heaven with the skulls of Jews.

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