Five Muslim doctors hatched terror plot in British hospitals

This heinous plot proves several points about Islam and Islamic terror:

— that the lives of non-Muslims are not esteemed nor valued by Muslims,
— that the Hippocratic oath is meaningless to Muslim doctors and waiving an oath and violating another’s trust is just a walk in the park,
— that it is a myth that terrorism is a result of poverty and lack of education, and,
— that it is a myth that Muslims and Jews worship the same god because clearly Jews sanctify life and clearly, Muslims sanctify death. From Terror plot hatched in British hospitals:

A suspected secret cell of foreign militants, believed to be linked to al-Qa’ida and using British hospitals as cover, are being questioned over the terrorist attacks in London and Glasgow.
Five of the eight people under arrest last night are said to be doctors. Another of those detained is the wife of one of the doctors, who is a medical assistant working for the NHS. The home of a sixth doctor is said to have been searched by police. Late last night an Australian television network reported that a suspect wanted in connection with the attacks had been arrested in Brisbane.

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