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Five Jewish students attacked by German group in Berlin

The German pukes were too cowardly to use their own fists, so they unleashed a dog on the Jews instead. From Ha’aretz:

Five students from a Jewish high school in Berlin were attacked this week by a group of four men, German police said Thursday. The incident took place Wednesday, when the attackers unleashed a dog at the students, aged 15 to 17.

The teenagers were on subjected to abuse by four German punks near the Juedische Oberschule, the Berlin school they attend, police said. One victim was forced to flee into a nearby bakery after the punks set their dog on the group, before witnesses alerted the authorities. The four punks were taken into custody and the dog was taken to an animal home.Two of the punks involved in the attack, aged 27 and 31, were to appear before a magistrates court Thursday.

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