Filmmaker Pierre Rehov uncovers shocking Palestinian ‘myths’

Pierre Rehov’s revelations as a producer, that there was something very fishy about the images of Mohammed al-Dura being shot, has immersed himself in documenting, up-close and personal, the true nature of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

To date he has produced six documentaries, highlighted on a new website that communicates his conviction that Palestinian leaders have created a mythology every reporter working in the disputed territories is compelled to buy if he wants to work safely.

Moreover, there is compelling evidence that the “shooting death” of little Mohammed al-Dura was a piece of intentional Arab “street theatre” staged by Palestinians to portray Israelis as child murderers.

Through exclusive video and film footage of Palestinian leaders including Yasser Arafat, Rehov demonstrates that their goal remains the eradication of the Jewish state. In it, the viewer can:

– watch Arafat call for jihad (in Arabic).

– watch his reaction when a daring reporter questions his training of young children in the art of war against Israel.

– watch the indoctrination of young children and girls into martyrdom for his cause.

– watch victims of Arafat’s terrorism deal with their pain and suffering.

Ckeck out his website here.

Filmmaker Pierre Rehov uncovers shocking Palestinian ‘myths’

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