Fights at Kristallnacht ceremony – Voice of Judea

Clashes erupted at a ceremony in Vienna commemorating the 65th anniversary of Kristallnacht. Sunday night’s clashes erupted after protesters at a commemorative event waved “Palestinian” flags and yelled anti-Israel slogans. The ceremony marked the night of Nov. 9-10, 1938, when Nazi-inspired rioters set synagogues and Jewish stores ablaze in Germany and Austria, a turning point in the Nazi persecution of the Jews.

Voice of Judea Commentary says:

How fitting indeed for modern day Nazis to disrupt a Kristallnacht memorial. In 1938, Jew hating Nazi thugs targeted the Jews and blamed the Jews for the death of Ernst Vom-Rath. Yes, they claimed that Hershel Grynzpan, the 17 year-old Hero, who killed the Nazi diplomat in Paris, triggered the Holocaust. Today, once again the so called Palestinians blame their attacks against innocent Jews on their Jewish victims, “who provoke them”. Indeed, Jews living, breathing or “occupying” the land of Israel is good enough reason for these sadistic savages to murder Jews.

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