FFOG: International Law Is On Israel’s Side

Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch are just some of the human rights frauds for persisting that only palestinians deserve to live freely while denying Jews the same. Via NGO-Monitor:


Amnesty Intl. (A.I.) and Human Rights Watch (HRW) call Israeli demolition of Arab buildings in Gaza discriminatory and against international law. Actually, international law holds that structures used by armed combatants in a war zone lose their neutrality. (During WWII, when the Germans emplaced a machine gun in a farmhouse, were the advancing GIs not supposed to blow it up? Ask Human Rights Watch (HRW) if they, but not the Germans, were supposed to respect its neutrality!)

HRW relies upon unnamed ‘eyewitnesses” in criticizing IDF killing of Arabs. It calls the civilians “peaceful marchers,” but self-contradictorily admits that some might have been armed. For hours, those NGOs relayed P.A. false claims as their own, of a big massacre in Gaza. They did not investigate. They did not check that the march was a cover for attacks on Israeli soldiers.

ACRI, Physicians for Human Rights, and B’tselem claimed that the IDF barred Arabs from medical treatment. They ignored the fact that P.A. gunmen exploited ambulances militarily (which is the war crime known as treachery), as usual. They are contradicted by the IDF offer to get the Arabs treated in Israeli hospitals (IMRA, 5/24 from NGO Monitor).

Since the Arabs are engaged in a collective war, and their culture encourages deceit, their “eyewitnesses” usually offer propaganda.

The bias of these NGOs is proved by their accepting one side’s press releases unquestioningly. That side’s press releases eventually become questioned and isproved. If these NGOs had any fairness and decency, they would stop accepting from a emonstrably foul source. As for international law, how could they not know by now that it uthorizes what Israel does and forbids what the P.A. does? These groups hurl accusations “violating international law” as tendentiously as racists hurl accusations of racism. They are like devils with fake halos glued on. Let us not be manipulated into cowering.

Their bias on the side of terrorists, they amount to accomplices of terrorists. People with humane impulses should stop donating to such organizations. One doesn’t “do good” by donating to evil.


Although that was the topic of the Intl. Islamic Conference, they didn’t allow the non-Muslim observer to comment. He concluded that they don’t want an honest dialogue. They allow their people to clash with Western civilization.

The conference presented pointless research, demagogic speeches, and predictable clichés. It presented no practical example of tolerance; it just glorified past eras of Islam, reputedly (but not really) tolerant. It ignored the Koran’s later verses that advocate intolerance, as fulfilled by Egypt’s current persecution of the Copts and by the death penalty for converts out of Islam. It rejected violence but did not criticize violence against infidels. It was against terrorism, but didn’t mention terrorism against Israel and Jews or in Sudan. Its only concern about Sudan was for the country’s unity (under Arab repression). It called on Muslims to uphold women’s rights under Islam, but mentioned no such rights, as not to be forced to have a painful circumcision. The call went out for democracy, but without recommending the means (IMRA, 5/24 from MEMRI).

This is typical of Muslim conferences and Arab press releases. They tend to be generalized, bland endorsements of safely vague, fine-sounding principles. These offend no one but accomplish nothing. Why hold them? Apparently for propaganda. These conferences maintain a facade of civility. They reinforce the misconception of Islam being a religion of peace. It is militant, military, and not ashamed of it, but it doesn’t want to disclose its hand and arouse the lethargic West to a powerful defense.

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