Female homicide bomber organization founded by Fatah

Oh, looky. The Fatah terrorist organization Al-Aksa Martyrs’ Brigades has established a secret unit comprised of female suicide bombers from Judea, Samaria, Gaza and Jerusalem. (Ain’t so secret, is it.) Um-al-Abed, a Muslim woman who claimed to be speaking for the terrorist group, told reporters on Monday at a news conference in Gaza that “We have so far recruited 100 Muslim women for the new unit.”

I think that it’s better to have a Muslim female homicide bomber than a Muslim male homicide bomber if we must have any murderers in our midst at all. After all, it is better that a potential mother sacrifice herself rather than her staying alive and breeding five or six or seven potential little Muslim “martyrs” that would some day be convinced to blow themselves up for allah. Hopefully, this will actually reduce the recruitment quotient of future homicide bombers. In their inept desire to perpetuate their murderous machinations, these Muslim zealots are actually curtailing the homicide-bomber population.

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