Farrakhan in his own words

Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam, has long expressed anti-Semitic and anti-white rhetoric, that mark him as an extremist figure.Remarks at Shelter for Hurricane Katrina Victims, Charlotte Coliseum, Charlotte, North Carolina, 9/12/05:

“I heard from a very reliable source that under that levee there was a 25 foot hole, which suggested that it may have been blown up, so that the water would destroy the black part of town, and where the whites lived, it would be dry.”

Power Center, Houston, Texas, 9/11/05:

“FEMA is too White to represent us and so is the Red Cross.”

Saviours’ Day: Chicago, 02/27/05

“Listen, Jewish people don’t have no hands that are free of the blood of us. They owned slave ships, they bought and sold us. They raped and robbed us. If you can’t face that, why you gonna condemn me for showing you your past, how then can you atone and repent if somebody don’t open the book with courage, you don’t have that, but I’ll be damned, I got it.”

12th Annual Pre-Kwanzaa Festival held by Cops Against Police Brutality, Newark, New Jersey, 12/11/04

“The war in Iraq is not your war; that’s Israel’s war… The rudder that is turning America is not your elected officials; it’s that small influential group of neo-conservatives that are using America’s power to destroy the enemies of Israel.”

Folks, you can read the rest of Farrakhan’s remarks on Jewish control of the media, on alleged Jewish control of the slave trade, and the Nation of Islam’s (NOI’s) book enumerating anti-Semitic conspiracy theory, here. What you will discover is the typical Louis Farrakhan party line:

…the Jews just don’t get it, they should give more thought to what they did to make Hitler so mad at them…

For the record, Israel is one of the few countries in the world to welcome their African brothers, in their case the Ethiopians, to their predominantly white country and give them full citizenship and rights. If you look at the images of the Israelis killed in Palestinian, Hizbollah, Hamas and PA (Tanzim) terrorist actions –you will see the faces of old men and women, young Russian teenage girls, babies, as well as soldiers and Ethiopian Jews.

One of the more common claims by African-fascists like Farrkhan and leftist apologists is the claim that Jews were the main holders and traders in African slaves. However, Elikia M’bokolo writes:

The African continent was bled of its human resources via all possible routes. Across the Sahara, through the Red Sea, from the Indian Ocean ports and across the Atlantic. At least ten centuries of slavery was for the benefit of the Muslim countries (from the ninth to the nineteenth).’~ Elikia M’bokolo

Please refer to these two sites for corroborating information:



In the Middle Ages, when slavery was common in Europe (including enslaved Jews), some Jews did play a minor role as slave traders for white European slaves who had been enslaved in war or due to debts. They were sold mainly to other Europeans and sometimes to the Ottomans, but not to the extent that Farrakhan embellishes.

For more information on Louis Farrakhan, including his announcement in 1985 regarding his receipt of a $5 million interest-free loan from Moammar Gadhafi, leader of Libya, click here, and to read about his complicity in the murder of Malcolm X, click here.

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