The family from Israel’s worst nightmare should also be every civilized person’s nightmare

From the biased pen of Orla Guerain of the BBC, The Family from Israel’s Worst Nightmare:

I met Ali five years ago in Dehaishe, a squalid corner of biblical Bethlehem. I had just arrived in the Middle East and I wanted to see the future, to talk to the young generation. Ali’s older brother Mahmud had been shot dead planting a bomb. Over tea served with mint leaves, I asked Ali what kind of future he wanted for himself. “From a long time back my feelings towards Jews are feelings of hatred,” he said. “What I want to do most is kill Jews. It’s in my blood. Ever since I was a child I have dreamed of this.

Before leaving the Middle East, I went to find Ali, to see if he was dead or alive, and if he had got his wish. The teenager that I met is now a man, behind bars in an Israeli jail. His father Youssef says he was charged with sending out a suicide bomber who killed two Israelis and injured 37. As we speak, Youssef’s four-year-old grandson Mahmud appears, named after the uncle who died fighting the Israelis. “I hope he will copy him,” his grandfather says.

Folks, this story should not only illustrate Israel’s worst nightmare, but it should also send shivers to Orla Guerain, the author of this article and correspondent to BBC News, who makes almost no attempt at balance when she spews her anti-Israel rhetoric.

Orla Guerain, for once in your life, make a genuine effort to be fair. Muslims like the Palestinians you cite in your article should also be your and every Englander’s worst nightmare. Why are you misreporting terror, Orla Guerain? Why do you not have the guts to identify the evil intentions in the same way that Nolan Finley, editorial page editor of The Detroit News correctly identified:

The ugly little secret of the Middle East conflict is that a favorite target of Palestinian terrorists are the children, teen-agers and young adults of Israel. They appear to be intentionally killing Israel’s kids. The slaughter is carried out by cold-hearted murderers who search for bar mitzvahs, high schools, teen discos, wedding parties, family restaurants — any place likely to draw young people — before touching off their suicide bombs.”

Orla Guerain, you must be lacking in some moral fibre which is what must be the reason why you almost always enjoy being a murderer’s mouthpiece.

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