Facts and Myths about the Israeli-Hizballah War

From Facts and Myths about the Israeli-Hizballah War:

We have grown exaggerated in describing war. The words “massacre,” “genocide,” and “war crimes” flow too freely. During a recent visit to Lebanon, I didn’t see any massacres, period. I didn’t see any wholesale killing of civilians. There was no genocide.

Fact: Hizballah operated from southern Lebanese villages and towns, virtually owning their controlled areas. They managed to fire almost 4,000 rockets into Israel and another 1,000 anti-tank missiles against Israeli forces on the border and in southern Lebanon. This means hundreds if not thousands of combatants, scores if not hundreds of launch and supply points. To say Hizballah was nowhere near villages where the Israelis killed civilians or that Israeli attacks were unconnected to Hizballah is false.

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