Facts about Syria

Originally Posted: 08 Sep 2008 09:13 AM CDT

Syria openly provides airfields and roads to supply the Hizbullah terror organization in Southern Lebanon, a group which openly declares that its purpose is to galvanize the Moslem world to invade and overthrow the state of Israel and to replace it with an Islamic state.

Syria openly provides a haven for the ten Palestinian Arab terror organizations that have sworn to destroy any peace process between Israel and its neighbors, including the negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

Syria openly floods Israel with narcotics, as documented by Israel’s Drug Enforcement Authority.

Syria openly runs a school system that trains a new generation for war to liberate all of “Palestine” and Jerusalem from the Jews.

Syria openly runs a state-controlled media that communicates a daily message that compares Israel to a Nazi regime.

Syria openly rules the nation of Lebanon, since its invasion and takeover of the Lebanese regime in 1987.

The source of Israel and Lebanon’s problems are in the north all of which emanate from Damascus, the capital of Syria.

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