Experts: Inbreeding main cause of Arab infant mortality

Folks, according to Minnesota based psychoanalyst and Arabist, Dr. Nancy Kobrin, Islam is a culture in which shame and honor play decisive roles and in which the debasement of women is paramount. In this article, Psychoanalytic Roots of Islamic Suicide Terrorism, we learn that Kobrin, and her Israeli co-author, counter-terrorism expert Yoram Schweitzer, describe barbarous family and clan dynamics in which children, both boys and girls, are routinely orally and anally raped by male relatives; infant males are sometimes sadistically over-stimulated by being masturbated; boys between the ages of 7-12 are publicly and traumatically circumcised; many girls are clitoridectomized; and women are seen as the source of all shame and dishonor and treated accordingly: very, very badly.

In almost every culture, in almost every society, incest is considered taboo. Social anthropologists teach that incest is a universal taboo – except in some areas with large Arab Muslim populations.

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