Evil Hamas triumphs in elections

From Voice of Judea:

“Hamas was the big winner in West Bank student government elections after a campaign touting terrorist attacks. In voting at Bir Zeit University in Ramallah, Hamas took 25 out of 51 seats; Fatah won 20. In previous elections, Hamas earned a two-seat margin over Fatah, the party of Palestinian Authority President Yasser Arafat. During the campaign, Fatah blew up models of Jewish settlements, and Hamas blew up models of Israeli buses. At one debate, a Hamas candidate bragged about the number of “Zionists” killed by Hamas activists at Bir Zeit; his opponent boasted that Fatah had killed its share of Jews as well. Candidates said issues at the school were barely touched on in the campaign because the main issue is Israel’s occupation of the West Bank.”

Commentary from Voice of Judea:

Once again we see how Arabs, when given a democratic choice, always favor the same kind of violent, Nazi-like forces that brag about their daily murder of Jews. The west constantly pushes Israel to make ‘gestures’ in order to democratize the Arabs, as if that would do any good. In a completely open, fully democratic election, who does Mr. Bush think the Arabs would elect? Possibly not Arafat’s Fatah, maybe Hamas, or Islamic Jihad. The election and its outcome would be totally dependant on who could kill the most Jews and effectively convince the public that it is they who hate the Jews the most. This is the people with whom we are dealing. They don’t argue over whether to end the war (for good) and have peaceful relations with Israel or not, they merely debate which is more effective, bombing settlements or buses. If there was any doubt in anyone’s mind about the character of the “Palestinian” people, it should be gone now. This is a sick, demented people, in the mold of Nazi Germany, which must, like Nazi Germany, be defeated utterly. Any people that is split between terrorist groups like Hamas and Fatah is clearly bent on evil.

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