Even Thomas Friedman ruminates over the palestinians barbaric and irrational behavior

Even Thomas L. Friedman, the pithy “journalist” from the NY Times, writes

“Israel has evacuated Gaza, and what does Hamas do? It doesn’t put all its energy into building a nest for its young there – a decent state and society, with jobs. Instead, it launches hundreds of rockets into Israel. The Palestinians could have a state on the West Bank, Gaza, and eastern Jerusalem tomorrow, if they and the Arab League clearly recognized Israel, normalized relations, and renounced violence. But those driving Palestinian politics seem determined to destroy Israel in its territory – even if it means destroying themselves in their own territory. “

The palestinians, my dear Thomas, will never have eastern Jerusalem even if the Arab League did recognize Israel. You see, Thomas, there are greater powers than even the NY Times, and the greatest power of all will never permit His Holiest City which He bequeathed to the Jews to fall into the hands of the godless arabian thieves.

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