Europe’s Native-Born Enemy

Charles Krauthammer writes:

The fact that native-born Muslim Europeans are committing terrorist acts in their own countries shows that this Islamist malignancy long predates Iraq, long predates Afghanistan, and long predates Sept. 11, 2001. News reports of the London bombings mentioned that police found no suspects among known Islamist cells in Britain. Come again? Why in God’s name is a country letting known Islamist cells thrive, instead of just rolling them up?

The problem is essentially a civil war within a rival civilization in which the most primitive elements are seeking to gain the upper hand. Sept. 11 forced us to intervene massively in this civil war. The vast majority of European Muslims who are peace-loving and not engaged in terror must also join the fight. They must actively denounce not just the terrorist attacks, but their source: Islamist ideology and its practitioners. Decadence is defined not by a civilization’s art or music but ultimately by its willingness to simply defend itself.

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