European Arabs Launch Campaign to Stop Al-Jazeera Broadcasts in Europe


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Arabs in Europe have launched a public campaign to stop Al-Jazeera TV broadcasts in Europe. In a petition, they accuse the channel of fostering extremism among European Arab youth and of supporting terrorism.

While the petition’s initiators have not provided their names, it seems likely that they are Iraqi expatriates; although various Arab news websites, such as Elaph,(1) have reported on the campaign, the petition itself has been posted primarily on Iraqi websites. These sites include the Iraqi news site Sotaliraq; (2) the Iraq of Tomorrow news site; (3) the Al-Najaf News site; (4) the website of Al-Fayhaa TV, a liberal Iraqi station; (5) the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan website; (6) Bahzani, a news and opinion website focusing on the Yazidi community and other Iraqi minorities; (7) the Yezidi Community website; (8) the website of the Gilgamish Center for Kurdish Studies and Research; (9) and the Kurdistan Times e-journal. (10)

In addition, on November 28, 2007, Iraqi exile Joseph Shallal wrote an article on the Arab left-liberal Modern Discussion website urging a boycott of Al-Jazeera.


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