EU Suddenly Opposes “Right of Return” by Steven Plaut

Folks, more proof of the EU’s blatant hypocrisy when it comes to “Palestinians” and “right of return”.

The “right of return” has been of interest in much of the world press in recent weeks, but this time – for a change – it is NOT the supposed “right” of Palestinians to return to Israel’s lands.

The newest debate over the right of return concerns that of ethnic Germans, at least 15 million of whom were expelled from their homelands at the end of World War II. These have suddenly become a matter of interest (see for example the Wall Street Journal’s “War Echo: Ousted by Poland in 1945, Germans Want Homes Back,” Aug 11, 04) for the simple reason that many of the countries who expelled German refugees after World War II have become or are becoming full members of the EU.

There has arisen a wave of attempts by ethnic Germans expelled by these countries to use EU institutions to recover property or receive compensation, and in some cases possibly even to return to their former homes. Their chances of success are negligible. That is because the EU, led by Germany itself in this matter, is unalterably opposed to any “right or return” for ethnic Germans.

Yes, the same EU insists that “Palestinian refugees” have an inalienable right to return to Israeli lands do not think ethnic German refugees have such a right.

The very same world leaders and media commentators who insist Israel must compensate “Palestinians” and allow them to “return” to Israeli lands, the lands of that same Israel that has been the victim of Arab aggression and Fascism for almost six decades, cannot understand why these “Palestinian refugees” should become as much of a non-issue as are the ethnic German refugees from the late 1940s.

So what is the real reason the Euroclowns have no interest in any “right of return” for ethnic Germans, but demand one for “Palestinians”?


Granting such a right to ethnic Germans would not result in the demise of Israel, so the Europeans have no interest in it.

Read the entire article here: EU Suddenly Opposes “Right of Return” by Steven Plaut

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