Enough already

Since the beginning of the Oslo Accords in 1993, Israel has fulfilled all of its commitments to peace:

  • It has given the Palestinian Authority control over territories in the West Bank and Gaza Strip;
  • It has dismantled Jewish communities on historically Jewish lands;
  • It has released prisoners who have been convicted of committing terrorist acts against the Jewish state;
  • It has used its schools and its media to promote peace and harmony with the Arabs – even long-time terrorist adversaries such as Yasser Arafat;
  • It has provided arms and ammunition to the Palestinian police force – really an army sworn to destroy Israel;
  • It has continued to negotiate in good faith with its adversaries despite an increase in terrorism;
  • It has placed itself in a position, through land concessions, where its own military authorities are no longer certain it can defend its national security;
  • It has proposed, for the sake of peace, even greater compromises – even offering part of its own sacred capital city to the Arabs;
  • Long before that, Israel even gave administrative authority to its enemies over the holiest site in Judaism – the Temple Mount.

What has Israel received in return other than bloodshed?

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