The Enemy Within

From The Enemy Within:

As always, Gazans look around, see how terrible conditions are, and point fingers. Many blame Israel. Or they blame the U.S. Or they blame Fatah, rival to Hamas. If things are to improve in Gaza, then that reflexive attitude is one of the first things that must change. Until most Gazans fix the blame for their miserable living conditions where it belongs – on their elected leaders of Hamas – Gaza will remain poised on the brink of crisis, sending rockets into Israel and then complaining bitterly when its foe retaliates. This really isn’t all that complicated. It’s quiet for quiet. If the Palestinians stop lobbing rockets into Israel, there will be no retaliation. This is not a matter of the “cycle of violence.” Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005. That was supposed to end the “provocation” of the settlements and stop the rocket fire. But it hasn’t. There’s also no doubt Hamas could stop the rockets. Unfortunately, the leaders of Hamas find it to their political and economic advantage to allow their people to suffer while they smuggle arms and money from Iran and elsewhere to continue the campaign of terror against Israel. As long as Hamas is in power, Gaza will be driven further into misery, further from the path that would lead to an independent state. For Gazans, the real enemy is within.

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