Who is Ehud Olmert?

Excerpted from an article written by Ruth Matar:

Who is the man who is responsible for this carnage [in Amona]?

EHUD OLMERT! He was never elected to be prime minister, and merely heads an interim caretaker government. Olmert amazingly addressed the Arab enemies of Israel as follows: ‘We are tired of fighting. We are tired of being courageous. We are tired of winning. We are tired of defeating our enemies.’

However, Olmert has shown in Amona that he is not tired of fighting Jewish settlers, and that he means to defeat them.

Why does Olmert not have the police act on Court-ordered evictions of thousands of Arabs living in illegally constructed housing all over Israel? There are more than 30,444 such illegal buildings in which Arabs are squatting. Why does Olmert apply the law only for the eviction of Jews?

Why does Olmert send the Israeli Police and Army only against Jewish Citizens, instead of against the terrorists of Hamas, Fatah, and Islamic Jihad?

The political radical left leanings of his immediate family may shed some light as to why Olmert is acting in this fashion.

His wife, Aliza, is a Charter Member of ‘Women In Black’, an organization of Arabs and Jews who support Arab takeover of Israel.

His son Shaul belongs to the extreme left group, ‘Yesh G’vul’. He was arrested as a deserter from the Israeli Army. He now lives in New York.

His son Ariel never even served in the Israeli Army. He lives in Paris.

His daughter Donna is a self-professed Lesbian, who is a member of the Machsom Watch. This is a group of women who endanger the lives of Israeli soldiers by deliberately ninterfering in their work to prevent Arab terrorists from entering Israel at various checkpoints.

His daughter Michal is just an ordinary committed “leftist”.

About Ehud Olmert, the man himself. In the words of the author Naomi Ragen: “He is a disaster, a sleazy politician with no vision, skating in the direction Mr. Sharon pulled him, without the sense to reevaluate and go back.”

Olmert has established another political left-wing dictatorship. He is just as dangerous as Ariel Sharon, but perhaps even more so, since he is totally unable to recognize any red lines whatsoever.

A most interesting piece of information about Olmert’s early career: Shmuel Tamir, now deceased, who was Olmert’s past patron in the FREE CENTER PARTY, noted in his prolific memoirs that Ehud Olmert offered to throw out his own father, Knesset Member Mordechai Olmert, from that Party. This perhaps, more than all else, attests to the nature of the acting prime minister’s morals.

Olmert is the prime example of why the Bible tells us not to put our trust in princes.

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