Egypt newspaper: Holocaust a lie and the hoax of the 20th century

Folks, once again, the jealous Arab nation of Egypt has manufactured a series of articles that deny the Holocaust, and claim Jews invented “lies of genocide” to extort the West and make possible the establishment of the Jewish state.

Dr. Rif’at Sayyed Ahmad, director of the “Jaffa Research Center” in Cairo and columnist for Al-Liwaa Al-Islami, which is the Egypt’s ruling National Democratic Party’s paper, published a two-part article titled ‘The Lie About The Burning of the Jews.’ In his article, Ahmad stated, using the work of Western Holocaust deniers, that the burning of Jews in gas chambers during World War II was a tale made up by the Zionist movement in order to extort the West and make possible the establishment of the Zionist enterprise. The following are excerpts from the article, Al-Liwaa Al-Islami (Egypt), June 24, 2004; July 1, 2004.

‘Did this Holocaust Indeed Take Place, and what is the Truth about the Numbers?’

“The Zionist enterprise on the land of Palestine succeeded by means of lies and myths, from the myth of the ‘Chosen People’ and the ‘Promised Land’ to the lie about the burning of the Jews in the Nazi gas chambers during World War II. When these means were scientifically examined, it was proven that they were untrue, that their reasoning was weak, and that they cannot withstand the test of solid fact.

“What interests us here is that this lie [about] the burning of the Jews in the Nazi crematoria has been disseminated throughout the world until our time in order to extort the West and make it easier for the Jews of Europe to hunt [sic] Palestine and establish a state on it, in disregard of the most basic principles of international law and the right of peoples to independent life without occupation. [This lie] was raised [also] so that [the Jews] would receive financial, technological, and economic aid from the West.

“During the past 50 years, Germany alone gave a total of some $100 billion. Many European countries began to amend their laws so that they would be compatible with the Holocaust myth … and they toughened the regulations, resolutions, and laws convicting anyone who mocks this lie or tries to [state that] the number of victims was smaller – as happened to Muslim philosopher Roger Garaudy in France.

“This entire situation has turned the Holocaust – that is, Hitler’s operation of burning the Jews in gas chambers – into a drawn sword at the necks of historians and serious researchers in the West, and even in the East. At the same time, [the Holocaust] became profitable goods for the Zionist entity…

“At a conference of 50 countries held in Germany in April 2004, the German foreign minister delivered a speech called ‘Antisemitism.’ He demanded that the conference participants demonstrate solidarity with Israel and fight those who deny or cast doubt on the matter of the burning of the Jews in the Nazi crematoria. Several months ago in the city of Stockholm, Sweden, some 26 European and non-European countries passed a resolution to teach ‘the false Nazi holocaust’ that Hitler had carried out against the Jews, at all stages of study in the schools of the participating countries. At the same time, there were words of appreciation for the Israeli prime minister, whose entity is today implementing the same purported Hitler Nazism.

“None of the senior officials who participated in the conference bothered to answer a number of questions: Did this holocaust indeed take place, and what is the truth about the numbers that were disseminated regarding it? [They did not answer the question of] what their opinion was regarding the slaughter in cold blood of children, men, and defenseless elderly in Palestine today, since September 28, 2002 [sic]. Is this not ‘the new Nazism?’ And how does their false European integrity and their false defense of human rights accept this?

“To this day, none of these countries has answered these questions, and never will answer them, because they are hypocrites with regard to [the difference between] perception and analysis, and there is no chance of getting an answer from them. We can only present clear-cut evidence, and try to reread the story of this ‘holocaust’ with complete objectivity.”

MEMRI: Egypt newspaper prints Holocaust a lie

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