Each one of us is involved

From Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok:

Do not deceive yourselves for a minute to believe that we ourselves personally ARE NOT involved in this present conflict in the Middle East.

All of us, no matter where we are located, by definition of being Jews and Westerners are viewed as being the enemy, just as is every individual living in the Holy Land.

There is no escape! Therefore, the way of war is upon us all. Each of us is obligated to fight!

No, not everyone can pick up a gun. Yet, not everyone has to. HaShem has made us all different and He has given each of us varying and different ways to fight.

The greatest and strongest weapon that HaShem has given us is the power of prayer. Our mere words, spoken with a sincere and open heart, can be more powerful that any bullet or rocket.

We all now must pray and pray with full sincerity and devotion. We must pour out our souls, break our hearts and supplicate Heaven to be merciful to His people and His Land.

We have no merit to stand before the Heavenly Throne. All we can do is throw ourselves upon the mercy of Heaven and beg that the name of HaShem be made great and that the world come to see, know and fear the awesome Hand of the Almighty.

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