Dutch Muslims Dismayed by Anti-Islamic Backlash

Folks listen up. Muslims are dismayed. Dismayed? Good, it’s about freakin’ time they started to look over their shoulders. They’re an ostentatious and arrogant species. We congratulate the Dutch for standing up against Muslim terrorism. The Dutch are righteous and spot on for defending their nation against, as what Stephen Brown describes as the first Western state to admit that the multicultural experiment, the biggest socialist fraud ever to be foisted on countries since the Soviet one, is a colossal failure. This admission came in the form of an all-party parliamentary report that basically concluded, among other things, that Muslim immigrants, who make up almost one million of Holland’s 16 million inhabitants, are refusing to integrate. These immigrants, largely concentrated in the cities where they constitute a large percentage of urban populations such as in Rotterdam, choose to live together in their own ‘ghettos’ where they have built up parallel societies to that of the host country. And it is not going to get better. According to the report, between 70 and 80 per cent of Dutch-born immigrants, mostly from Morocco and Turkey, refuse to intermarry with native-born Dutch and are importing their spouses from their home countries.

A substantial portion of the Muslim population Holland has imported since the sixties, while not violent, abhors Dutch society, the most liberal in all of Europe. Many of these new immigrants hold in disdain women’s rights, freedom of expression, homosexuality, drugs and all the other trappings of Dutch liberalism, and believe their way of life and beliefs are superior to those of their host country. In fact, such immigrants are not averse to replacing the ‘corrupt’ Dutch system with sharia, but by legal, non-violent means.

More importantly, though, for Holland’s existence, this population also contains a minority of Islamist fanatics, such as the one who killed van Gogh, who want to replace the Dutch system with an Islamic theocracy by violent means, kill all the unbelievers in the country and wage jihad to the ends of the earth. It did not help that the Dutch government assisted in funding some radical mosques that indoctrinated young Dutch Muslims into their way of hatred, while Saudi Arabia supported others (no surprise there). Dutch Muslims have been found on the battlefield in Kashmir and elsewhere; but they may soon not have to leave home to fight the Holy War. A letter van Gogh’s assassin left on his victim’s body says there will be more killings.

Therefore, Selami Aydin’s words will comfort many Dutch people if opinion polls are to be believed.

“I’m thinking of going back to Turkey. Seriously,” the 39-year-old Muslim said just a few hundred meters (yards) from the apartment police stormed last Wednesday after a 14-hour siege with suspected Islamic militants. “We’re all frightened.”

The Netherlands’ image as the land of tolerance has been shattered in the two weeks since outspoken filmmaker Theo van Gogh was murdered and a Muslim suspect arrested in the crime.

Since Van Gogh’s death on Nov. 2 there have been at least 20 arson attacks on mosques and churches in tit for tat violence.

See ya, Selami Aydin. Get out, get lost, and get saved. A black rock ain’t gonna help you get into heaven.

Dutch Muslims Dismayed by Anti-Islamic Backlash

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