Druze, Circassian Forum: Israel Should Remain a Jewish State

From Druze, Circassian Forum: Israel Should Remain a Jewish State:

The chairman of the forum of the Druze and Circassian authority heads, Nabiah Nasser A-Din, on Thursday criticized the “multi-cultural” Israeli constitution proposed by the Israeli Arab organization Adalah, saying that he finds it unacceptable. “The State of Israel is a Jewish state as well as a democratic state that espouses equality and elections. We invalidate and reject everything that the Adalah organization is requesting,” he said. Adalah recently wrote a proposed constitution classifying the State of Israel as a “bilingual and multicultural” country rather than a Jewish state. Adalah’s proposal essentially abolishes the Jewish elements of Israel. According to A-Din, head of the Kasra Adia municipality, the fate of Druze and Circassians in Israel is intertwined with that of the state. “This is a blood pact,” he said.

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