Dramatic Drop in Terror Fatalities in 2007

From Dramatic Drop in Terror Fatalities in 2007:

13 Israelis were killed by Palestinians in 2007, down from 24 in 2006 and 50 in 2005, according to data released Monday by the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet). There was only one successful suicide bombing last year, down from six in 2006. Palestinians fired 1,263 rockets and 1,511 mortar shells at Israel in 2007, compared with 1,722 rockets and 55 mortars in 2006. Rocket attacks accounted for two fatalities, both in Sderot.

Let’s see, what does that average out to? With 1,264 rockets lobbed over Israel in a year, that comes out to approximately 3.46 rockets being lobbed over Israel’s homes and roofs PER DAY and 1,511 mortar shells that whiz and blast at all Israeli fixtures, with thanks to Google Earth which helps Muslims identify Jewish targets, that comes out to over 4 mortar shells PER DAY. Name any other country that would tolerate daily bombings of its citizens. You can’t because no such country would put up with that crap.Muslim hyper-violence is nourished by the weakness of the people of the European Union who fund the Palestinian Authority.

The whole notion that Arabs can live in peace under the Israeli flag but the Jews have no right to live at all under the Palestinian flag is simply pig-headed and is lost on the general public, I am afraid. The only reason why the IDF had to “occupy” Gaza in the first place was to protect the Jews that lived there from getting slaughtered. Let us never lose sight of that. It was never the injustice of the “Israeli Occupation” that caused us to leave Gaza but only the desire of the Arabs to slaughter us. We should not feel that we occupied another people; all we tried to do was live. Unfortunately, that required an Army and we had to make a tough choice and consolidate ourselves within borders that we could defend more easily with the resources we have. — Rabbi Shaul Marshall Praver

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