Dr. Washington Asks: Why Is Israel Afraid To Be Israel?

Folks, when I get a chance at work, I try to sneak in a listen to Israel National Radio, a wonderfully, profoundly rich and delicious website providing both downloads and live feeds to some of the greatest Zionist and religious voices Israel has. I skimmed over their front page like I would a menu at a tasty steakhouse, and glommed on this deelish tidbit:

Dr. Washington Asks: Why Is Israel Afraid To Be Israel? He’s not Jewish, and he’s not an Israeli. Yet, this guest can’t understand why we in Israel don’t stand up and take what is ours. Tamar Yonah interviews Dr. Ellis Washington, who lectures and writes on American and constitutional law. He says, “Take charge of the Temple Mount. Annex Gaza and the West Bank. Define and secure your borders. Withdraw from the U.N. who is your enemy.” Hear what else this insightful academic and lover of Israel has to say. Read his weekly column on WordNetDaily.com

And boy was I in for a treat. You have to listen to this interview with Dr. Ellis Washington. His perspective and recommendations for the Israeli government are illustratively Zionist. A role model. A leader. And a great friend of Israel. G-d Bless Dr. Ellis Washington.

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