Dozens of celebrating Jews threatened by Israeli Arab mob

Via IsraelNationalNews:

An Arab mob of several thousand – including young men on horseback and others waving PLO flags – surrounded and threatened about 150 Jews from Haifa who to a public forest to celebrate Israeli Independence Day. A Jewish young man was lightly injured in the ensuing clash. On Tuesday afternoon, shortly after the group of Haifa families made their way to the Megiddo Forest, in the north of the country, a group of Arab youths on horseback accosted the Jewish celebrants, jeered and threatened them. As the young Arab men continued their menacing behavior, they called more Arab youths to join them. Some of the new arrivals were waving flags of the PLO terrorist organization. At this stage of the incident, a few of the Jewish young men, with Israeli flags in hand, charged the gathering Arab mob. Within moments, a fight broke out, during which one of the Jewish youths suffered a light injury to the face. The Arabs, still threatening the Jewish families, called for more of their comrades to join them. Within forty minutes of the start of the incident, 6,000 Arabs waving PLO flags and making menacing threats had gathered around the group of Jews in Megiddo Forest. It was only at this point that a border guard patrol jeep showed up on the scene, with just six soldiers. It appears the Jewish celebrants had unknowingly chosen to hold their Independence Day picnic near the site of the central event held by Israeli Arabs to mark ‘Nakba Day’ – ‘the day of the catastrophe’ – as they call Israel’s independence. Several thousand Arabs had come to attend the event, and heard speeches from several Arab Knesset Members, bemoaning Israel’s 1948 War of Independence. Interestingly, the Arab leadership appears to be marking its ‘alternative’ day based on the Jewish calendar.In response to an Arutz-7 query, the regional police department said that they were aware of the incident; however, “both sides promised they would press charges with the police, but neither side did. Therefore, the matter was not handled [by the police].” In August of 1999, Megiddo Forest, a planned fir forest located adjacent to Kibbutz Megiddo and the Arab-Israeli city of Umm El-Fahm, was the scene of a terrorist ambush and double murder. Two young hikers from Haifa, Yechiel Finfeter and Sharon Steinmetz, were murdered there by an Israeli Arab carrying out what was called “a nationalistic crime of opportunity.

Folks, actually this is understandable. If the Jews were manifesting any enjoyment, it would have been an unacceptable threat to the darkness and ignorance that Muslims thrive on. See, the last thing Muslims can tolerate is a population of Jewish people who enjoy life. Introduce any kind of positive view on life into the Muslim population and the Islamist dies.To the Islamist, killing a Jew is just a matter of self preservation.