Double Standard Exists on Terrorism

From Double Standard Exists on Terrorism:

There is one word that is the basis for the acceptance of Palestinian terrorists: “occupation.” All land that was not part of Israel until 1967 is termed “occupied territory.” By that definition, it is stolen land, and all means seem to be justified to force Israel to return the theft. The use of the term “occupied territories” is dangerous, irresponsible, and fully unjustified. Israel didn’t take any land from a sovereign state. The “occupied territories” were in 1967 illegally in the hands of Jordan and Egypt. The areas captured in 1967 were promised for Jewish settlements by the League of Nations in 1922, and all the resolutions of this international body were transferred to the United Nations.

If Israel’s demand for security lacks a basis of law, justice and morals, if we don’t stress our rights in the Land of Israel, if we basically justify the Arab position that large parts of Israel belong only to them and are forcefully stolen, we cannot wonder when we see so many young students on American university campuses accepting the Palestinian propaganda against Israel.

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