Don’t laugh, ok?

Three Palestinians were killed by Palestinian gunfire on Monday. A gunman who fired into the air to celebrate the release of prisoners in the Jenin area accidentally shot and killed Omar Saleh, 34, according to the Palestinian Center for Human Rights. In Gaza City, masked gunmen kidnapped and murdered Deeb Hamattu, 35, a senior officer in the PA’s Military Intelligence Force. In the northern Gaza Strip, Farida Abu Rayan, 50, was shot and killed during a violent brawl between her relatives and a rival family. In another incident, gunmen kidnapped and later released the director of the library at the American University near Jenin. The gunmen told him they had mistaken him for the dean of the law faculty, Dr. Amin Dawwas, whom they were planning to kill.

Folks, what are these “innocent” palestinain people doing with live ammunition?

Three Palestinians Killed by Palestinian Gunfire

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