“disproportionate”, “excessive”. What is “proportionate” and “just right”?

For those of you who are parroting the “disproportionate”, “excessive” mantra of Europe, Arabia and the cesspool of madmen at the United Nations, what did you think about the bombing of a Jewish community center in Buenos Aires on July 18, 1994, which killed 85 people in Argentina’s worst-ever terrorist attack, carried out by a Hezbollah “militant” Ibrahim Hussein Berro?

What do you call THAT? Was that “excessive”? Was that “disproportionate”? The fact that the attack was carried out by means of a car bomb filled with hundreds of kilograms of explosives and driven by a Muslim homicide terrorist and that the Iranian government initiated the bomb attack and for almost 30 years Iran has demonstrated that it is willing to wage war not only against Israel but against Jews worldwide, is that “disproportionate” or “excessive”?

So I ask the Muslim lovers: since hostage-taking is universally regarded as an act of war, what “proportionate” action do they propose for Israel? Since lobbing rockets into a sovereign nation, whether the rockets or man-made or hand-made or manufactured by Iran, is universally considered an act of war, what “proportionate” action do they propose for Israel?

Syria and Iran are the culprits behind this week’s events and this is no time for statements from Arabs and terrorist apologists calling for “restraint” from Israel.

The Lion of Judah is back up on all fours again. The rest of the world better watch their step.

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