The Disaster Of Forcing Fantasy Islam

First we have Islam, a religion attempting to present itself behind a mask of peace, and now we have government officials desperately seeking to perpetrate the fantasy by finding Imams who will validate the new and improved peaceful version.

The new issue of Newsweek International is featuring an article called “New Imams” by Carla Power. Apparently religion is as misunderstood by secularists as “The Passion of Christ” was misunderstood by Hollywood. Over and over the article treats the concept of rewriting Islam as though it’s a possibility, if only we could find the right representatives. Not only do we have a religion founded on violence presenting itself as peaceful, but our leaders are behaving like moon-struck women desperately hoping to believe the fairy-tale, doing everything they can to perpetuate and embrace it.

Power writes, “Yet creating a Muslim establishment has proved as tough as boxing moon—beams. Time and again, European governments seem to pick the wrong champions.”

Pay attention, secularists. You are not picking the wrong champions. You are trying to perpetrate a fantasy that won’t work. Islam has holy books, and all you are doing is helping to sugar-coat the reality that those books preach violence, death and torture to Christians, Jews and non-believers, even moderate Muslims. If you succeed in duping all the world to embrace Islam as peaceful, more and more will convert, only to find SURPRISE! Sharia law, that totalitarian belief system that destroys freedom.

Power writes, “When a German court recently awarded Muslims the same right to public-school religious instruction as Christians, the Berlin city government had to find a partner to organize classes on Islam. Who stepped forward? Only the ultraorthodox Islamic Federation”.

Why is Islam so confusing to national leaders and policy makers? Because the Koran contains verses about peace and love, but after Muhammad was rejected by the Jews and Christians as a prophet, Allah suddenly began telling Muhammad to kill the Christians and Jews (rather convenient). When presented with the verses of hatred, imams and clerics will tell you those verses are out of context and repeat the peaceful ones, but fundamental Muslims know the context lies in other holy books, the Hadith and the Sira (not to be confused with Surah of the Koran). The Hadith and the Sira supply the “method of Muhammad” which is the goal of Islam. Muhammad SLAUGHTERED Christians and Jews and hid weapons in mosques. Sound familiar?

Click to continue reading this powerhouse article: The Disaster Of Forcing Fantasy Islam and digest the message well; with every proclamation that Islam is peaceful, mainstream media continues to lose credibility. It’s hard to deny the foundation of Islam when it’s written in black and white: Allah’s apostle said, “I have been ordered to fight with the people till they say, ‘None has the right to be worshipped but Allah” (Hadith 4:52:196)

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