A Different Law for Jews

From A Different Law for Jews:

Why are we witnessing a recurrent historical phenomenon, a different law for Jews – a unique and racist law – as opposed to all others? If human rights and human lives were what interested the British, they would devote much greater energy to what is happening in Darfur than to what is happening in the West Bank. The British lecturers know the truth. They know that in Chechnya, for example, Putin’s Russia wiped out tens of thousands of Muslims. They know that the Israeli army is the epitome of humanity compared to the Russian army. They know that in Central Europe, in Srebrenica, more Muslims were slaughtered in one week than have been killed in 40 years of Israeli occupation. They know that British soldiers, who control the Basra area in Iraq, and U.S. soldiers in Baghdad and in other areas, behave much less humanely than do the Israeli soldiers in the West Bank. They know that the Syrian regime brutally suppresses the Kurdish minority, and jails any intellectual who dares to open his mouth against the regime. And, given this, they have not decided to boycott Russia, Britain, the USA or Syria. They have decided to boycott only Israel. How is it that the Jews are again deserving of boycotts even though they did not perpetrate any crime against humanity, if we compare what other countries have done, including Britain, to what Israel is doing? The good news is that things must be put into perspective. Two months ago I was present at some lectures in London in the framework of “Apartheid Week” that called, for example, for the destruction of Israel. Lo and behold – the lecture halls were nearly empty. Most British know that the problem is not Palestine. The problem is Londonstan, which is being overrun by Islamists who declare vociferously: We want to raise the green flag [of Islam] over London.

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