Did you know these facts about Israel?

…there is absolutely no proof whatsoever of the existence of an ancestral Palestinian Arab homeland, while archeology, anthropology, history, and oral traditions all prove categorically that Israel, Judea, and Samaria make up the ancestral Jewish homeland?

…a person cannot be a colonialist in his/her ancestral homeland?

…there is no evidence of the existence of a Palestinian people (as a collective group) before the birth of Zionism?

…since the Jewish people, as an ethnic group, originate from Israel and surrounding areas, they best fit the truest definition of aboriginal/indigenous?

…Palestinian Arabs are native to Israel and surrounding areas, meaning they were born there, but they are not actually indigenous to the area, meaning they do not in fact originate from there?

…Jews have constituted the majority in Jerusalem since at least 1830?

…the Temple Mount, where the al Aqsa mosque and the Dome of the Rock sit, was largely unused and in disrepair before the birth of modern Zionism?

…no Arab or Muslim leader ever bothered to go and pray at the al Aqsa mosque while it was under Arab national control from 1948 to 1967?

…the notion of Jews ethnically cleansing Israel and surrounding areas of Arabs is false as proved by the overwhelming population growth of Arab communities post-Zionism?

…if Zionism were cruel toward Arabs, there wouldn’t have been thousands upon thousands of Arab immigrants flocking to Palestine in the years shortly before Israel’s declaration of independence because people don’t move to areas where they are being abused to live and look for work?

…anti-Zionism has no plan whatsoever to make the lives of any individual person, group, community, region, or the world-at-large better, which shows it’s merely a power-grab?

…anti-Zionism has no plan whatsoever to safeguard the holy sites and archeological treasures that may come under Palestinian Authority rule?

…anti-Zionism has shown no interest whatsoever in allowing for the existence and protection of minorities that should be allowed to live under Palestinian Authority rule?

…there are numerous officially Judenrein nations in the Arab League based upon institutionalized bigotry against Jews?

…Arab nations have never done one thing to enfranchise Palestinian Arabs?

…Palestinian Arabs are discriminated against in every single Arab League nation which shows that Arab nations are hostile toward Israel for reasons other than Palestinian Arab human rights?

…Arab nations built and forced Palestinian Arabs into refugee camps and invested nothing in their society while confiscating whatever land they could for themselves from 1948-1967?

…Israel never put one Arab into a refugee camp?

…the Middle East is not exclusively, “Arab land,” but is the ancestral homeland of millions of indigenous non-Arab minorities?

…many indigenous Middle Eastern minorities are friendly toward Israel, such as Copts, Kurds, and Phoenicians, and see the conflict between Jews and Arabs as a tribal war instead of a colonialist one?

…”Fatah,” the organization that Arafat started in the late 1950s before Israel acquired the West Bank and Gaza, means “Conquest” in English? You do the math.

…gay and lesbian Palestinian Arabs from the territories flee to Israel to escape persecution?

…Israel is the only nation in the world that creates human rights organizations specifically to protect their adversaries?

…Israel is growing increasingly more integrated into the world daily, given that she is forging new diplomatic relations and opening new trade offices with nations she has not historically had any relationship whatsoever?

Well, now you know.

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