Dial M for Murder

Folks, below is a link to a video which documents a Muslim killing innocent non-Muslims duing one of their typical homicide bombings. Read the transcript and see for yourself the depravity inherent in this culture. Via WND:

Al-Qaida has posted on the Internet a video of the preparation for and execution of a suicide bombing against American targets in Afghanistan. The video, reposted by the Middle East Media Research Institute, shows a Muslim terrorist sending a pre-death message to his family, claiming he would see them in paradise, “Allah willing.” “I pray to Allah that this operation will be vengeance upon the American pigs and their apostate collaborator dogs, for their assault on the home of Mulawi Nur Muhammad,” states the terrorist. The terrorist, Abu Muhammad Al-San’ani, is shown in a car driving to the area where the attack is carried out. “I pray that Allah accepts me,” the killer says. “I’ve never felt so calm in my life.” The videotape then shows the area where the attack occurred and features audio between the dispatcher and the suicide bomber. “Did you see the Americans in front of you?” asks the man encouraging the attacker on to death. “Go on a little further, and you will see them in front of you. Abu Muhammad, there are Muslims behind you. Move a little faster, they are in front of you now. Place your trust in Allah, Muhammad. Remember Paradise, my brother, remember Paradise. Avenge your brothers’ blood, Muhammad. Place your trust in Allah. I pray that Allah grants us an end like yours, Abu Muhammad. Did you see them?” After the explosion is seen, the dispatcher declares: “May Allah accept you as a martyr, Abu Muhammad. May Allah accept you as a martyr, Abu Muhammad. May Allah accept you as a martyr, Abu Muhammad. This was your brother, Abu Muhammad Al-San’ani, massacring the Americans and the apostates. I pray that Allah accepts this act of ours and his. He avenged the blood of Al-Mulawi Nur Muhammad, whom you killed. May Allah curse you. Allah willing, we will massacre you and help Taliban until we die. Glory to Allah, His Prophet, and the believers.”

What a vile display of evil. It is a loathsome act perpetrated by loathsome people. Please note that the intention of this Muslim barbarian was to murder not only Americans but “apostates” as well, and that is how we derive that revenge is not the only goal of Muslim jihad. The greater goal of Muslim jihad is to eliminate apostates – that is, non-Muslims – who are smart enough to refuse to buy into the trumped-up concoction of superstition, barbarianism, mendacity and deceipt of Islam. Keyword(s): Islam; jihad; video

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