Dhimmi Watch: 10,000 Muslims Surround a Coptic Church in Alexandria

From Dhimmi Watch:

Pray for the safety of the Copts and for peace in Egypt. Two Islamic tolerance updates from the embattled church in Egypt, from the Free Copts blog:

Thousands of angry Muslims are currently surrounding St George Coptic Orthodox Church in Muharam Bek, Alexandria, Egypt.

Muslims are protesting what they considered an “offensive” play that took place 2 years ago !!! Church officials denied these allegations and adhered to their position of refusing to provide an apology, as the Muslim radicals demanded.

Muslim mob burned two police vehicles and a fire truck in addition to injuring many police officers by hurling rocks at them in an attempt to raid the church and burn it.

What is happening in Egypt is a form of intellectual terrorism against Copts that radical Muslims are imposing on everyone that dares to criticize their agenda of having Islam dominate the world.

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