The Episcopalian church

More detestable news from the Episcopalians:

The Episcopal Church USA (ECUSA) is planning to honor a Palestinian Anglican priest who considers the state of Israel to be the source of all problems in the Middle East.

On Saturday (June 17, tonite) Episcopal Peace Fellowship plans to present Naim Ateek with a “Peace and Justice” award at the denomination’s General Convention in Columbus, Ohio. Ateek, founder and director of the Jerusalem-based Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center, once likened Israel’s treatment of Palestinians to Jesus’ crucifixion.

We’ve written about the despicable Jew-hating Naim Ateek before, which you can read here. Sadly, no matter what anyone names it, or no matter how one dresses it up, the Episcopalians and Naim Ateek are professing hatred and villification of Jews, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s from Protestant leadership or from palestinians feigning “ancient history” or victimhood, it’s the same black bile stench of Jew hatred.

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