The Democrat’s deceptive non-platform

How odd. The Demo-rats didn’t complain about voter fraud or stolen elections at all yesterday. Did anyone else notice that? Of course you all did. See, the Demo-rats are like the palestinians in their modus operandi. When the palestinians attack Israelis with Katushya rockets and suicide bombers, Israel punches back, which causes the palestinians to complain to the UN and other NGOs. When the Demo-rats lose elections because the rest of the country is sick of their effete arrogance, their hatred of Bush and their love for the Muslim enemy, the Dems complain about rigged voting machines. Now that the Demo-rats won the majority in yesterday’s election, by running as non-Republicans, there’s not a peep from a one of them. But all of America lost yesterday. PowerLineBlog noticed that the Demo-rats made a deliberate decision not to take a position on the biggest issue of the day, the Iraq war, and they downplayed their intention to raise taxes and take other unpopular measures. Wait and see, folks – the Demo-rats have pulled the wool over your eyes. By not mentioning Iraq because they ran on a non-Republican platform, don’t be surprised when you’ll see more government promotion of abortion, gay-marriage, activist judges, more support of euthanasia, promotion of illegal immigration, higher taxes and more attacks by the Muslim enemy on our home turf. Because running on a non-Republican platform is like Arafat and other Arab leaders who say in English they want to be “partners in peace” but in Arabic say “Kill the Jews”. It’s thievery, pure and simple, and it’s called robbing the blind which is exactly what the Demo-rats did to all of you yesterday. They blind-sided you because you fell for their deceptive platform which never mentioned how they were going to solve Social Security, Medicare, and Islamic imperialism, and you didn’t ask. Just like no one asked Keith Ellison why he took money from CAIR. I have no doubt that the Demo-rats will show show their liberal side to all of you soon enough. Remember Terri Schiavo? It was the Demo-rats and Lefty activist judges who wanted to pull her feeding tube. And that’s exactly what the Democrat leftist judges did. But don’t blame me, I voted Republican.

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