Democrat-fascist thug goes after a three year old

Folks, this is a photo mirroring the godless and misanthropic nature of the Democratic party.

Three-year-old Sophia Parlock cries while seated on the shoulders of her father, Phil Parlock, after having their Bush-Cheney sign torn up by Kerry-Edwards supporters on Thursday, Sept. 16, 2004, at the Tri-State Airport in Huntington, W.Va.

If you look at the Democrat-fascist thug on the left, you’ll see a remnant of the sign in his right hand. And the dolt holding the Kerry/Edwards sign upside down in the back on the left. What geniuses.

Way to go, thugs. John Kerry has taught you well. Now if we only knew the name of the bully on the left.

(AP Photo/Randy Snyder)

Democrat-fascist thug goes after a three year old

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