Deja vu: Ariel’s Temple Mount visit sparks anger among Arab MK

The “palestinian” Arabs thought this tactic worked so well the first time – as you may recall, Ariel Sharon’s visit to the Western Wall, the remnant of the Holiest site in Judaism was their excuse to start the second “infatadah” – so they thought they’d pull it out of their bag of dirty tricks and try it again. Guess what, it didn’t work. Here’s what happened. Uri Ariel visited Jerusalem’s Temple Mount on Monday, the second intermediary day of the Sukkot holiday. The holiday visit sparked an angry reaction from Arab lawmaker MK (Ta’al) Talab el-Sana, who called the move a “provocation.” El-Sana added that the right-wing Jews are only seeking “war and bloodshed” by yearning to maintain a presence on the Mount. Meanwhile, masses turned out for prayers at the Western Wall for the traditional priestly blessing on Sukkot. Seventy thousand people, in fact. What a wonderful turnout, B”H. And, why shouldn’t Jews be able to go back to their homeland, where the Roman’s exiled them? Why shouldn’t Jews be able to pray at their holy sites? Why not? The only religious argument that makes sense is to point out how so many Jewish holy places do exist in Israel. It’s hardly irrational that Jews should want to live near the Wailing Wall or other sites of great importance in Jewish history and religion, particularly given how poorly Muslims have treated such sites.

See, folks, Jews have no less of a right to self-determination than any other peoples. And no one said palestinians can’t go back, they only can’t go back because they have terror organizations. If “palestinians” got rid of their terror organizations, then Israel would know peace. However, I doubt that “palestinians” would have that much integrity. The “palestinians” aided Hitler in his Final Solution for the Jews. They massacred Jews in 1929, and throughout the 30’s and 40’s. Let’s not forget this. The Jews of course want peace. The Arabs also do. But they also think we stole their land. This is the source of the conflict. It is not citizenship they want, but a reactionary vision that would erase the “Nakba,” the “Catastrophe,” of Israel’s creation by eliminating the Jewish state.

El-Sana and thugs like him solidify my belief that the only way for peace is that one side must go. See, the fact of the matter is that it’s now Israel who gets to dictate her own policy, not Arabs, not palestinians, not Muslims and not Americans. So many people in high places believe that “Islamic fundamentalism” is a reaction to various factors. Yet before all those factors existed, jihad terror existed. But of course, they have no idea of that. Palestinians and their accomplices complain that Israel treats palestinians inhumanely. What a joke. Palestinians forfeited their humanity after assassinating military targets such as toddlers on buses and teenagers at malls. Palestinian terrorists are murderous brainwashed robots who must be stopped at all costs. The world would be a better place without their ilk.

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