A Deeper Look: “Forbidden” Images of Mohammed – Merely a Big Hoax?

Krishna has written an excellent post at A Deeper Look: “Forbidden” Images of Mohammed – Merely a Big Hoax?, where he writes that

As more and more facts are coming to light, its becoming more and more obvious that Moslems have been creating images of Mohammed for centuries. Today’s “common knowledge” that Moslems are forbidden to make images of Mohammed appears to be yet another “urban legend”.

Undoubtedly some of the more extremist fundamentalist types believe it– but as the vast number of images throughout history shows, the prohibition against all images of Mohamed is quite obviously not an inherent part of Islam.

Click here to view examples of how Muhammed has been portrayed in art from Ottoman religious icons to market stalls in Iran, from the US Supreme Court building to the South Park cartoon, with hardly a stink.

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