The deeper betrayal by the Yesha Council and by the Rabbis than previously known

Folks, here is the story of Yinon Magal’s film depicting Moetset Yesha’s and Shaul Goldstein’s full collaboration with the expulsion forces. The film details the final hours in N’vei Dekalim’s main synagogue, where thousands of youths gathered last summer for a last stand against security forces sent to forcibly remove them from Gush Katif. The film raises question about the behavior of the Yesha Council and its honesty with the public it is supposed to represent.

In one segment, aired by Yinun Magal on Channel 10 TV, Gush Etzion Mayor Shaul Goldstein is seen directing his own evacuation. He is seen being held by two soldiers, with a pained look on his face as a snapshot is taken with a camera he handed one of the soldiers. “Did it come out?” he asked the photographer. Upon confirmation, he was carried ten feet and put down gingery at the door of the synagogue.

Channel 10 Screens Unflattering Yesha Council Footage

And I get reprimanded by fellow Jews because I wanted to pray for the complete healing of a dying Christian Zionist.

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