Dear Cindy Sheehan,

I am sorry for your loss; however your latest screwed up demand imploring Israel to get out of “Palestine” has crossed the line. You do not speak for me. Jews are indigenous to Israel. Palestinian Arabs are not indigenous to Palestine. They are leftover Arabs, residual of another age. Arabs are from Arabia. Beginning in AD 622, under Mohammad, the Islamic religion aggressively expanded from the Arabian Peninsula to all directions until AD 750 when it controlled North Africa westward to Spain and southern France, northward to Palestine and Armenia, and eastward 400 miles past the Indus River. During all this time Palestine was little more than a wilderness of nomads, loosely associated groups of provincial subdivisions with frequently changing administrations. The people were a “pan-Arab” mix of gypsy-like leftovers, whom the General Syrian Congress of 1919 declared to be “the southern part of Syria.” It wasn’t considered “Palestine,” a separate Arab nationality, until the 1967 Six-Day War of Israel’s boundary expansions. Arabs weren’t even in Palestine until the mid-7th century AD, over a thousand years later, after Palestine’s 1,300-year Jewish history. Arabs later living in Palestine never developed themselves or the land, but remained nomadic and quasi-primitive during their 1,200-year stay. Jews can prove they lived in Palestine for centuries. Palestinians can not, so stop trying to hitch your wagon to a “Palestinian peoplehood”. It’s invalid and just showcases your instability. Go home and stop embarassing your family and keep the people of Israel – the Jewish people – out of your muddled politics.

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