The Day After

Well, folks, the people have spoken! George Bush has won. He won the popular vote and he has won the electoral college, although John Kerry, taking his “disgraceful exit” cues from Al Gore, wants to count all the provisional ballots in Ohio, which is going to take several days. John Kerry was decisively defeated, and since Kerry refuses to concede, being the entitled elitist used to always getting what he wants, it’s clear that Republicans want the people to elect the president, but Democrats want judges to elect him. So we will wait until all of Ohio’s provisional ballots are counted, before we write that George Bush has won the Presidential election.

According to the Drudge Report this morning, Bush breaks the all-time popular vote total, suprassing Reagan:

George W. Bush 51% 56,732,387

John Kerry 48% 53,004,905

Don’t let your hearts be troubled folks; our beloved President Bush will be back in office for a second term in spite of John Kerry’s gracelessness and inability to admit defeat.

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