The David Project: Train to be an Advocate for Israel

The Middle East conflict is about Jewish existence and political self-determination in the face of a hostile Arab world and radical Islamists. The David Project trains people to be pro-active in their Israel advocacy – to counter the unfair and dishonest discourse in our universities, media, and communities and by doing so, promotes a fair and honest understanding of the Middle East conflict.

The David Project trains advocates of Israel to recognize that the the Middle East conflict is about ongoing Arab rejection of Jewish political self-determination. But this reality has been obscured. Israel has been framed—boxed in and falsely accused—in three ways: physically, historically, and morally. Understanding the Middle East conflict requires a fair and honest re-frame.

The Physical Dimension: Israel is The David

– LAND –

Distorted Frame: Zoom-in on the map of Israel. The Jewish State depicted as an aggressive, expansionist Goliath.

Reframe: Zoom-out to the whole region. Most members of Arab League as well as countries like Iran refuse to recognize the only Jewish state and have repeatedly launched attacks against it.


Distorted Frame: Dispute between Jewish majority and Palestinian minority.

Reframe: Jews are tiny minority, denied the right to self-determination by overwhelming Muslim majority.

The Historical Dimension: 100 Years of Arab Terrorism and Rejection of Jewish Self-Determination


Distorted Frame: Focus on two historical points: 1948 when 600,000 Palestinian Arabs became refugees, and 1967 when Israel captured territories from Jordan, Egypt, and Syria.

Reframe: For the last 100 years Jews seek independence and peaceful coexistence, but Arab rejection and aggression force them to fight in self defense.


Distorted Frame: Blaming Israel, the victim, for the consequences of Arab aggression.

Reframe: Hold the aggressor accountable. Arab pogroms followed by wars to destroy Israel in 1948 and 1967 caused the territorial dispute and the refugee problem.

The Moral Dimension: Israel…Compared to What?


Distorted Frame: Israel “oppressing” the Palestinians.

Reframe: Israel humanely defending itself from terror. Palestinians suffering because Arab leaders keep them in refugee camps and encourage them to become terrorists.


Distorted Frame: Israel’s imperfections singled out and magnified.

Reframe: Apply one standard of morality to all people. Israel is an oasis of freedom in human rights desert filled with despots — who fuel the Middle East conflict and global terror.

The David Project.

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