David Irving charged with denying the Holocaust. Again.

David Irving, who once said that Adolf Hitler knew nothing about the systematic slaughter of 6 million Jews, has been arrested in Austria on a warrant accusing him of denying the Holocaust. Irving in the past has faced allegations of spreading anti-Semitic and racist ideas.

Besides his assertion that Hitler knew nothing about the Holocaust, he also has been quoted as saying there was “not one shred of evidence” that the Nazis carried out their “Final Solution” on such a scale.

The “historian” has said he does not deny that Jews were killed by the Nazis, but he challenges the number and manner of Jewish concentration camp deaths.

He has questioned the use of large-scale gas chambers to exterminate the Jews and has claimed that the numbers of those who perished are far lower than those generally accepted. He also contends that most Jews who died at Auschwitz did so from diseases like typhus, not gas poisoning.

In March, more than 200 historians from around the world petitioned C-SPAN to cancel a project that would have included a speech by Irving as a counterpoint to a lecture by Deborah Lipstadt, a renowned Holocaust expert at Emory University.

Irving once sued Lipstadt for libel for calling him a Holocaust denier, but his lawsuit was dismissed in 2000 by a British court, which ruled that Irving was anti-Semitic and racist and misrepresented historical information.

Folks, David Irving, the on-again off-again denier who lost a defamation suit in Britain, is a Jew baitor. There is a mountain of evidence proving the nature and scale of the Holocaust. The Nazis’ use of gas chambers has been established by, among countless other sources, the 1946 Nuremberg confession of Auschwitz commandant Rudolf Höss, as well as the 250-page autobiographical manuscript he wrote while awaiting execution.

The estimate of six million killed is supported by a spate of historical studies, and also by Nazi physician Wilhelm Hoettel, who testified at Nuremberg that: “In the various concentration camps approximately four million Jews had been killed, while about two million were killed in other ways.” None of this evidence convinces the true denier, of course. He is, by necessity, a conspiracy theorist. To him, every confession is coerced, every photograph faked.

Holocaust deniers and those that propose open-ended baited questions that support that Holocaust denier’s sinewy conspiracies be paid attention to, will be dealt with clinical detachment. Because no matter what David Irving or or other Holocaust deniers say, they will never give birth to intellectual strength.

Don’t forget that hatred for Holocaust deniers is compounded by the fear that the pseudo-historians’ specious lies may spread. However, when one is armed with concrete knowledge, that fear is lessened and hatred gives way to pity.

I personally do not pity David Irving. I simply look forward to reading about his death-bed confession and his request to G-d to forgive him for wanting to destroy the memory of the 6 million victims and for denying the crimes of the nazi murderers.

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