David Bedein: Moral Imperative: Help Non Jews Who Are Loyal to the State of Israel

From David Bedein:

There are indeed loyal non Jewish Israeli citizens who live in the Galilee – Bedouins, Druze, and Circassim – three non Jewish ethnic groups who fight for the state ofIsrael.

So if a given non Jewish community in Israel flies the flag of Hezbollah instead of the Israeli flag, the address for their humanitarian needs may lie elsewhere.

That is the dilemma for the people who contribute to the Galilee region of Israel: to help Israel’s loyal citizens, not to buttress a fifth column.

Folks, that is why it is imperative that you understand the maps and the geography of the legitimate and sovereign nation of Israel. Start studying these maps in order to bolster your comprehension of the geo-political quagmire created by Arab arrogance and ethnocentrism.

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